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We host our developed websites from reputed hosting companies of Bangladesh. But Maximum Hosting’s data servers are in the US and Singapore. With our maximum web design, 1 GB hosting is free. If you cancel the order for any reason, the hosting cost will not be refunded.

Of course website security is very important. We install security issues with each website so that is safe. Website security actually resides in itself. You must be aware of some issues such as website type information can not be shared with anyone. We will be obliged to provide all kinds of security until the website is delivered. So you have to take all the responsibility after delivering the work. If there is task after taking delivery of the website then you have to pay extra money to us. Or you have to pay extra to restore the hacked website

We design all of our websites to work on each and every modern browser. While we do pride ourselves on creating websites that work in all manner of situations, we cannot guarantee that your design will work on older and out of date web browsers.
In the majority of cases, we estimate that your website will be ready to go live within 4-8 weeks, however this can depend on how complex your specific website is.

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