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webmakerbd.net provides 100% scholarships for talented  SSC / HSC / Students who demonstrate mastery of Basic Knowledge Of Web Design. Scholarships will be awarded to 10 – 15 Students. The Student will receive A Good Quality Job From Our Company,  Salary will be dependent on SKills ( Example: 10k – 50k ) On month basis. You can do this job from home.  Condition Applicable, You need to know web design, web development, software development, SEO, digital marketing very well.


We will accept submissions from current high school, college students In Bangladesh. The winners will be required to send us proof of their academic / Course Certificate.


The winner receives our whole online courses completely free, you can join us in live meetings and classes at home. And if you can do something good and You can learn and prove it, Then you will definitely get a good quality job, InshaAllah.

Submission requirements

  1. You must have SSC or Intermediate recent certificate
  2.  Know about the basics of web design
  3. You need to send us a screenshot of your certificate at this email [email protected]
  4. You must have an email account, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dribble account.
  5. You must attend our live classes and meet-ups, and meetings. [If you miss 3 classes monthly, you will be excluded from our scholarship. However, if you can prove sufficient reason, it will be maintained.
  6. You will take a little skills test when you learn everything well from us. If the skills feel good then you will be given a good job.
  7. Boy/girl is eligible to accept all applications.
  8. In each student, both the boy and the girl must speak respectfully to each other. If someone treats badly to each other. He /she will be excluded without any reason.
  9. We have very few seats. So those who will apply first will be appointed first.


Winners will be announced on this page as well as on the blog.