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    Got Hacked? WE will Recover WordPress hacked website, remove malware and Secure from future attacks could be : ✔ Infected with Malware;✔ Facebook Ads reported as malware-infected; ✔ Blacklisted by Google; ✔ Disabled by Host;✔ Redirecting; ✔ Spam in Search Results;✔ Any other issue.

    ✔ GOOGLE ADS malware ( please CONTACT US  before placing such kind of order)  . We’ve specialized in hacked WordPress websites, malware removal (remove viruses and other malicious code), web security and any bug fixing.

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    Do You Have Any SSL certificate?

    An SSL certificate is a protective measure that encrypts your website
    and protects customer data.

    Benefits of SSL

    Business owners like you want SSL certificates for 3 benefits

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    The security “padlock” shows on internet browsers.

    When you get an SSL on your website, a security padlock would appear on the address bar (shown right).

    This padlock tells your visitors that:

    Your site is verified and secure

    • It is safe to browse from any device
    • Any data they enter is secure
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    Your site rank would boost on Google

    Google made an SSL certificate a ranking signal. It now pushes websites with SSL up in the search results. And penalises those without.

    With SSL certificate:

    • Your website will show up higher in Google Search results
    • You will get an increase in organic traffic to your website
    • Your site credibility and authority will improve
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    A secure pathway between your server and users’ browsers

    With an SSL certificates, your visitors will use a secure HTTPS protocol to access the site.

    This protocol:

    • Enhances data security for all users
    • Is compatible with all websites
    • Makes payment processing super-safe
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    • 1 Site: Only Remove Malware Code. ATTENTION: only valid for online sites, not locked.


    • 1 site: Malware cleanup***+ Basic Security + Software Updated


    • 1 site: PRO malware cleanup +Advanced Security Patch +Updates +Backups +Security Monitoring